FIAMMIFERI- creation 2021 – English version


Free adaptation of the tale « the little girl with matches » (Andersen), -Spectacle written for the street, a puppet carried, three actors- musicians and a caravan « pop up » -Like a cry of poetic anger …

The form
Type of diffusion: Street, marquee, schoolyard, forecourt of cultural center, and other unusual places …;
Show for all audiences set in a « popup » caravan that can be placed outdoors or indoors (when there is a large door….)
A moment of poetic and visual theater, a tragi-musical that features 3 actors-musicians and a puppet.

All public from 8 years old.

Actors/musicians: Benoit Creteur, Barbara Moreau, Vincent Verbeeck.
Directed by: Micheline Vandepoel.
Dramaturgy/writing: Collective creation / starting point: the material collected during the artist residency in schools 2019/2020 + Andersen’s tale « The little girl with matches »Musical writing: Vincent VerbeeckScenography: Benoit Creteur /Puppetcreation: Barbara Moreau.

Note of intent
When we look at the world, we are always upset – it’s as if we always hear a scream.
Our eyes see a cry …
We traveled a little of this world, with the idea of looking for a place where this cry would not exist …. I don’t think we found it – or rarely, in such a tenuous way…. (and most often then it was in a place of nature, far from men…)
What we have found soothing, outside of nature, is to invent universes, stories, shows. It’s unclear why it does this, but the stories help us stay alive, joyful, and alive. (And yet the ones we prefer are the sad stories, will you know why…) – When we walk around the world, and oh how lucky we are to be able to do it!, there is above all one thing that freezes us: it is what we call « Poverty.
» POVERTY – A word that makes you thirsty, and hungry.
A word that falls to the ground, on hard and dry ground, like a desert. Like an injury.

Poverty / wealth, to say the words, making them succeed each other, actually tells the world; Poverty against wealth, the battle not to fall, in the arid world of the without anything …..
Poverty and wealth, finally two taboos.
A question then comes: Why?
And another question follows: How can we make this no longer exist?
All this, this cry, this revolt, this misunderstanding of social injustice, taunts us, so we imagine creating a show, and perhaps so, by sharing it with the public, participate in attenuating the cry (do you hear it?), or perhaps see screaming louder?

Although the show is dedicated to the general public, it was initially nourished by children as part of a project « artists’ residency in schools » of the Culture and Teaching Unit – so much, it is there, in the heart of children, that we find an amazing and often explosive artistic material …

Download the diffusionfile With the support of:  TheFWB- circus sector, street and  fairground arts – The culture and teaching unit.


In co-production with: Le Festival Namur en mai, L’allumette .

Reception in residence: The match, the CAR, The Wolubilis.