Fiammiferi 2019/20

À partir du conte de Andersen « La petite fille aux allumettes », recherche pour nourrir la prochaine création de la compagnie « FIAMMIFERI »

The tale is dramatic, telling of poverty in the early 19th century -

Poverty is a theme that is always on our minds.Here, we will question the children, seize their visions, take advantage of their imaginations to rewrite, fill our bag with the material they will give us so that we can in turn enter the workshop and look for what the show will be.

Une histoire triste -trop triste

The story is terrible, unlike the usual tales, the end is tragic ... it is the death of this little girl; we are far from the sweetened tales of Walt Disney.

This is shocking, even more so for children, but it is a reality and there is no point in hiding it. Bringing this tragedy to light, talking about it, looking for ways in which it could have been avoided, seems to us to be a way of appealing to the social conscience of children.

L’art pour transcender …

The children will be asked to write (rewrite, from the point of view of other characters in the story) - from this rewriting, each child will create a pop-up book (a middle page), from this book, each child will create a rag puppet - from this puppet, we will try to put together a show -

And all this work, all this research, will create a common wealth that will leave us with the trace of a beautiful effervescence...

The project is over! The current situation due to covid -19 did not allow us to do the last closing session, but it was a great treat anyway!

Thank you to all the generous artists that the children were!

The project started in November 2019 and ended in March 2020.

It involved pupils of the 5th and 6th primary from the schools of Celles, Hulzonniaux and Wanlin.

This project exists thanks to the support of the FWB - Culture and Education Unit.