Du 21 janvier au 20 mai : reprise création Hâ(r)me residence at l'allumette, the cc of beauraing (cancelled)  the ccbw (public trial on 6 may) (cancelled) 

Due to the confinement situation which prevents us from rehearsing, this project is being replaced by a tent version of the hâ(r)me, available for street festivals - to be continued...

Du 15 janvier au 23 décembre , diverses résidences et formations autour du projet « les allumettes »- creation May 2021

residencies : l'allumette , le Wolubilis , festival bitume , le car, le cc de Engis ....

Le jeudi 25 juin-20hHâ(r)me - Little theatre of the big life - Forzée (rochefort) (Postponed)

Le dimanche 28 juin the caravan - puppet day -St Cyre sur loire (F)(cancelled) 

Du 3 au 26 juillet  Hâ(r)me- Festival d'Avignon (off) -theatre le Girasole -(cancelled)

Le 24 Aout Hâ(r)me- Nomadic Theatre Festival - (cancelled)

Le 1 septembreHâ(r)me  Leu Festival - (cancelled)

Le 6 septembreChimerarium-Saintes en fête- Saintes (Tubize) (cancelled ) 

Le samedi 7 novembre-20hHâ(r)me - Small theatre of big life - Forzée (rochefort) -(cancelled-REREported in 2021, date unknown)

Du 11 au 27 novembreHâ(r)me - Riches Claires theatre - Brussels. (cancelled-REREported November 2021 )

and yes, it's been a dry year .... fingers crossed that life will return to a happier rhythm as soon as possible .....